Preventative Services

Hoyleton’s Preventative Services Programs focus on creating a better future for children and families through education.

Hoyleton’s TEEN PREGNANCY PREVENTION PROGRAM provides adolescents – both boys and girls – with the information, training and tools they need to cope with the social stresses of modern life. This sexual education program works to lower teen pregnancy and birth rates through a curriculum that teaches valuable life skills, focuses on youth activities, and creates public awareness.

Our SUBSTANCE ABUSE PREVENTION PROGRAM is based in Washington and Clinton Counties. It convenes stakeholders who look at the issue of youth substance abuse in their regions and creates strategies to reduce the problem.

SOUTHERN ILLINOIS CHILD DEATH INVESTIGATION TASK FORCE: Hoyleton serves as the fiscal agent and works to recruit a multi-disciplinary coalition to assist on investigations involving unexplained, unexpected, unusual, suspicious deaths and/or serious, life-threatening injuries inflicted on children under the age of 18. The Task Force serves Illinois’ southern-most 34 counties; ensuring resources are available to small and rural counties.
ILLINOIS CHILD DEATH REVIEW TEAM: The ICDR Team exists to reduce the number of preventable child deaths in the state of Illinois. It is made up of multidisciplinary teams who review child deaths to understand the causes and reasons, and to prevent future deaths. Hoyleton serves as the fiscal agent and the supervisory agency for dedicated program staff.

(PSN) Hoyleton works in partnership with the US Attorney’s Office and the Illinois State Police WAVE (Working Against Violent Environments) Team, managing two Department of Justice grants aimed at reducing violence in the Greater East St. Louis area. The WAVE Team is made up of members of federal, state, county, and municipal law enforcement agencies and is led by the Illinois State Police.

NETWORK OF VOICE AGAINST TRAFFICKING AND EXPLOITATION (NOVATE) seeks to educate DCFS and POS staff on human trafficking in efforts to increase identification and referrals of victims of human trafficking. Our network seeks to connect individuals throughout Central and Southern Illinois regions regarding issues of human trafficking. We provide prevention education to community members, law enforcement, social service providers, and health care workers.

Preventative Services:

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