Believing in the Mission

When asked to write a blog post on philanthropy, I want to be honest with you; I wondered how I could explain the meaning of philanthropy through the written word? For more than 25 years, I have been taught, mentored, and instructed that philanthropy is about building relationships, communicating, and explaining the purpose and mission of the organization face-to-face. However, with that written, grab a cup of coffee and let me share this perspective. 

If I call you for a visit, my goal is to learn more about you and what makes you passionate about your favorite charity – of which I hope is Hoyleton Youth and Family Services is your choice.

Donors come to an organization based on the mission. They need to believe in the mission and purpose, and if the organization shows they are worthy of trust and dedication, donors will continue to support the organization. Dependability and transparency are critical – we must be true to our word as an organization, and that must be what you as a donor feels about us.

If you desire to make a difference - you want to feel as if your gift has a direct impact on improving a child's situation. At Hoyleton, we do our best to share the outcomes and stories of children in our care. At times, it is difficult because of HIPPA regulations, but we want our donors to know they are making a difference!

Personal satisfaction has shown that kindness activates dopamine, which produces similar brain activity in regions correlated with the perception of enjoyment and reward — for many, giving feels good, if not better than exercise.

Being a part of a family tradition, where giving has been handed down from generation to generation, influences a donor's decision to give. Behavior taught at a young age remains with us into adulthood. It is an emotional act to donate. Connecting to personal stories puts a human face on what we're doing at Hoyleton.  It is vital, as a philanthropic donor, you feel a connection to the many services we're providing, whether current or past.

The power of social media, innovation, and digital donations create a new organization-donor relationship. Peer-to-peer donations have increased and generate excitement about Hoyleton by following Facebook and other social media platforms.

People give for many reasons. I still believe communication and relationships are the number one way to build a donor base. A cup of coffee can provide opportunities for both the donor and Hoyleton to exchange ideas about a shared mission. I agree that one of my main objectives is to ensure that our supporters are respected, sponsored, and treasured because we cannot serve others without you. I look forward to seeing how your contribution will help Hoyleton and, more importantly, how it can complete your plan to donate! You can reach the Philanthropy Department at 618.688.7094. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You and Yours.

Join the Hoyleton family.

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