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Hoyleton | It Takes a Village

DATE: August 13, 2020
In Phylicia’s last blog, she discussed how it takes a village, and in this piece, she will explore that village a little more.  When a child comes into care, the investigator works with the parents to find family members to take the child. Placing a child with a family member is done to help make […]

Child Abuse Prevention Month and COVID-19

DATE: April 2, 2020
April is National Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month. Usually, this is a time for nonprofits and supporting organizations to promote the support systems which strengthen and educate families on parenting, healthy relationships, and managing stress. As always, Hoyleton Youth and Family Services is standing with our families and communities as we shelter-in-place together because of […]

National Poison Prevention Week March 26, 2020

DATE: March 26, 2020
National Poison Prevention Week raises awareness of poison prevention nationwide during the third full week of March every year. During this week, we have an opportunity to highlight the dangers of poisonings and help with prevention for people of all ages and promote community involvement in poisoning prevention and ways to prevent tragedies. Hoyleton is […]
The Peterson Family

Perspectives From a Multiracial Family | Guest Blogger: Kirsten Peterson

DATE: November 8, 2019
Foster care. Adoption. These two words can invoke a myriad of emotions and questions as to how best care for children who need a place to call home. The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Administration for Children and Families, reported 437,000 children in foster care for fiscal year 2018.1 As 2018, one-third […]

Back to School: Part 3

DATE: August 22, 2019
The school’s cafeteria is buzzing with noise and excitement as students are chatting with friends and swapping stories of summertime glories. Your eye catches the kid at the long cafeteria table contemplating the lunch box in front of them with a pitiful look on their face implying, “What will lunch be today?” As caregivers, we […]

Back to School: Part 2

DATE: August 14, 2019
With August being back to school month, that means it is also an excellent time for you to go over safety tips with your youth. With the business of back to school shopping, planning after school care/transportation, and creating meal plans – sometimes it can be easy to overlook the things that seem natural; like […]

Kinship Care: A Guide for Grandparents

DATE: July 29, 2019
There are a wide range of circumstances that can leave older adults in charge of their grandchildren’s care. Whether the situation was sudden or gradual, older adults who are thrust into the position of the sole provider/caregiver for young relatives may feel lost or overwhelmed. Fortunately, there are many different resources to help the 100,000-plus […]

Three Ways We Help Youth Transition to Independent Adulthood

DATE: July 22, 2019
Though there’s a specific age that legally marks adulthood, young adults don’t suddenly possess all the necessary wisdom and knowledge they need in life at that point. It’s only with the proper guidance and access to resources that young adults are able to thrive and lead healthy lifestyles. Youth who are experiencing behavioral or mental […]

Travel Tips for Families With Special Needs Children

DATE: July 15, 2019
With longer days, warmer weather, and the kids out of school, summers are ideal for families to catch up on some quality time together after a busy school year. Travel is a great way to bond with loved ones, but parents of special needs children may feel that this isn’t an option. On the contrary, […]

Human Trafficking Series, Part 1: Labor Trafficking

DATE: July 1, 2019
Human trafficking is one of the most underreported crimes in the United States and Illinois ranks among the top 10 states for it. That means there are cases everyday where individuals are being exploited and taken advantage of without notice. On a global scale, the International Labor Organization estimates that 20.1 million people are victims […]

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