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Volunteers helping their community

It Takes A Village

DATE: October 17, 2022
The volunteer commitment looks different for everyone. Some people give their time, some people give monetary or planned gifts. Some people have been volunteering for years across different programs and others come for specific programs. Whether it’s been passed down through family generations or becoming a new tradition, the hope and sense of community our […]

Every month is Black history month

DATE: February 18, 2021
A reminder of why Black lives matter February offers an opportunity to honor, learn and re-learn about the achievements, accomplishments, and contributions of Black Americans.  Daily posts with stories and little- known facts create awareness and better understanding of the importance of a group of people who were omitted from the history of the United […]

Human Trafficking | Know the Risks

DATE: January 21, 2021
There is a pandemic that has plagued our world long before the onset of COVID-19.  For centuries the human trafficking industry, though only recently referred to as such,  has been claiming the lives of women, children, and men. While 99% of the world’s $150 billion a year exploitation industry are women and girls, men fall victim to “The […]

What Are You Doing For Others?

DATE: January 19, 2021
Congresswoman Mary Miller Must Resign Our CEO, Chris Cox, is a Board member of the Illinois Collaboration on Youth. As a health and human service provider, we see daily the deep-rooted racist inequities that negatively impact our children, families, and communities we are called to serve.  This is the moment in national history when all […]

Hoyleton | Why Diversity is So Important

DATE: September 10, 2020
Why Diversity is So Important for Our Team and Clients The definition of Diversity is the range of human differences, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, social class, physical ability or attributes, one’s religious or ethical values, national origin, and political beliefs. Sit and think about that for […]
youth getting involved in program

Share Our Work with Your Community

DATE: August 2, 2018
We invite you to get involved with Hoyleton Youth and Family Services and support our work to transform lives through our programs and the power of faith. Hoyleton delivers the services that matter to you, in your community. Here’s why your support matters: “I am grateful for all the things Hoyleton was able to provide […]

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