• Happy Valentine’s Day: Here’s What We Love About You

    Every day, we’re blown away by the support our community, yes – you, shows us in a variety of ways, and our work could not happen without it.  So, for Valentine’s Day, please accept our warm love, deep gratitude, and these reasons for our love:

    1)You include our youth and families in your holiday traditions.

    Christmas 2018 was the most generous Christmas donation drive we’ve had in our history!  Long-time supporters, and several new ones, donated money and purchased toys for our children and youth in foster care. You made It a truly memorable season, and so many young ones felt your compassion.

    2) You share our mission and work with your friends, family, and community.

    Over the last three months, we’ve witnessed many of you engage with our many stories shared online. You like them, you love them, and you share them with your community. For that we’re pressing:     

    3) You understand the importance of meaningful community partnerships.

    A week doesn’t go by without receiving a call or email from a local business or organization leader, asking how they can help support our work. We’re all stronger when we work together on solving complex social issues facing many, and it’s an incredible feeling to know a “collective impact” mentality is valued greatly in Southern Illinois.

    4) We know you’re committed to furthering our mission.    

    Many of you have supported our mission for decades. Others of you come from a family that has supported us across generations. And, a growing number are new to the Hoyleton community. Regardless of your time with us, we always know we can count on your commitment to furthering our mission.  Your devotion to our organization is beyond words, so we can only hope our love and commitment to those we serve every day will show our gratitude.

    Happy Valentine’s Day and thank you for loving us so dearly! 

  • Meet Hoyleton’s 2018 Employee of the Year, Vicki Sharkey

    2004 was a significant year for Vicki Sharkey. Although she didn’t realize it at the time, it would be the year she’d begin a celebrated 15-year (and counting) career at Hoyleton.

    Vicki is a Nurse Case Aid at Hoyleton, and she supports our nurses that care for 40 youth living at the residential services’ campus.  She has several responsibilities in her day, but her key duties are to coordinate transportation for youth to – and – from medical appointments and to record those provider appointments to ensure youth are meeting compliance standards with the State.

    She has a big responsibility, but in her tenure she’s learned a lot from her co-workers and bosses. She’s also learned important life lessons from the youth she’s supported.

    “Many of our kids get a bad rap, but people need to know that with the proper support, they can be productive in life. People must take time to understand each situation. They could then learn things for their own life. I know I have learned a lot”, says Vicki.

    The art of patience is one skill she’s learned and mastered in her time at Hoyleton. She faces many challenges, but she has the ability to break through the stress and focus on helping each youth uniquely – based on their personality and needs. This approach takes extra time, but everyone benefits in the long-run.

    Fifteen years ago, Vicki came to Hoyleton looking for a job and the desire to work with kids.  Now, she’s given so much to the organization and to others, and we can’t thank her enough for her commitment to our mission and youth.

    She represents the positive attitude, desire, and compassion that we hope every team member shares in his/her work, and we’re grateful she’s on our team.

    Congratulations, Vicki, on your 2018 Employee of the Year Award!


  • Residential Services Receives Tier One Status from Department of Children and Family Services

    If you visit the Hoyleton Campus in Hoyleton, Illinois on a weekday around 8:30am, it might look like the streets in most neighborhoods. Youth scurrying around, making their way to school just-in-time for the opening bell. The campus is where almost 40 boys and girls live 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each has their own unique story, but all have been referred by the State.

    This year, the Residential Care program at the Hoyleton campus was granted Tier One status from Illinois’ Department of Children and Family Services.  It’s a classification that only a few similar programs in Illinois receive. The status is based on key performance scores that measure the program’s ability to successfully retain youth in treatment, present opportunities and enable youth to grow in core-life areas.

    “The Tier One classification shows we’re looking at outcomes, and the State is measuring our performance on ways we’re treating youth. It indicates the viability of our program. Data measures our work which shows we perform at a higher level.  And that makes Hoyleton a preferred provider to the State”, says Brice Bloom-Ellis, Chief Program Officer at Hoyleton.

    Hoyleton’s Residential Care staff, including counselors, administrators and educators, work together to ensure each young resident has the tools and structured experiences, like school, to move from their challenging past into a new, productive future.

    A significant factor to the programs’ success is the staff’s willingness to improve at every step.  Just last year, the program adopted an evidenced-based practice model developed from mental and behavioral health experts at Cornell University. The practice model is called CARE – Hoyleton is just one of only 50 agencies in the United States chosen by Cornell to implement the model.

    Residential Care Director, Monte Mister, explains, “Over the years, we’ve tried to take a real-life approach to youth, but they’re not really in normal life situations.  The CARE model provides our staff with a practice framework that has a common language, so we can better address our youth’s situations as they are.”

    Over the next year, more Hoyleton staff will become CARE trainers, and the practice will be fully implemented in that timeframe. The new practice will help secure Hoyleton’s Tier One status for years to come, which will give youth the quality, personalized care they need and deserve.

    “Our kids have problems but they need “normal” experiences; in many ways they’re no different than other kids – they have the same wants, needs and desires everyone else has”, says Mister. “We’ll continue to work hard each day so they know they’re people worthy of our love and support.”

    To learn more about Hoyleton’s Residential Care program, click here.

  • Join Us for a Celebration of Hoyleton Heroes on February 22nd!

    Please join Hoyleton Youth & Family Services, and other fellow heroes, for a night of friends, food and fun at Hoyleton’s annual A Night for Heroes – our salute to everyone that makes Hoyleton’s work possible.

    A cash bar at 6 pm kicks off the evening followed by a wonderful dinner at 7 pm. A Night for Heroes culminates with Awards, the Fund-the-Need auction that provides support to every one of Hoyleton’s nearly 20 programs and services for nearly 3,000 youth and families throughout southern Illinois – and, music and dancing with Butchwax and the Hollywoods!

    This year’s event will be located at the Four Points by Sheraton in Fairview Heights.

  • Chris Cox, President & CEO of Hoyleton selected as one of 36 members for Gov.-Elect Pritzker Healthy Children and Families Committee

    Chicago, IL — Recently, Governor-elect JB Pritzker announced the formation and members of the Healthy Children and Families Committee of the transition team at Children’s Home and Aid, the first social service agency JB visited while considering his run for governor.  Chris Cox, President and CEO of Hoyleton Youth and Family Services was named to the Governor’s committee.

    The Healthy Children and Families Committee will be chaired by state Sen. Heather Steans, Howard Brown Health President and CEO David Munar, and Children’s Home and Aid President and CEO Nancy Ronquillo.

    “Our transition’s Healthy Children and Families Committee will focus on how we should rebuild social services, identify ways we can help children and families build better lives, and expand health care in this state,” said Governor-elect JB Pritzker. “Over the last few years, state funding for community organizations was cut and families were no longer receiving the services they needed to thrive, but we’re going to reverse course. As governor, I’ll be their partner, and together, we’ll confront challenges head on so families and children can thrive.”

    “It’s time for Illinois to be a leader in this area and do something that’s big and bold,” said Cox.  “The Governor-elect’s focus on the well-being of youth and families in our state and rebuilding social services is critical to Hoyleton’s work in 55 counties in Southern Illinois.

    Since 1895, Hoyleton Youth and Family Services has grown to be one of Southern Illinois’ leaders in a wide array of services including residential, foster and adoptive services, community education, counseling, and services for emerging adults.  Hoyleton is just one of 50 agencies nationally and the only agency in the Midwest implementing Cornell University’s Residential Child Care Project (CARE), a new research-based best practices model.

  • Hoyleton selected by DCFS as only agency in Southern Illinois to implement $4.5 M -grant for transition-age foster youth program

    (Fairview Heights, IL) Hoyleton Youth and Family Services will work with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) as the only agency in Southern Illinois to implement the expansion of transition-age foster youth services as part of the $4.5 million grant awarded to the State of Illinois from Youth Villages.  Youth Villages is a national leader in children’s mental and behavioral health through evidence- and research-based programs.

    “Hoyleton has been working for years to provide life skills education to foster youth who age out of care and are ready to live independently,” said Chris L. Cox, President and CEO of Hoyleton.  “We are grateful to partner with DCFS to implement the expansion of services throughout the southern region of the state.

    In addition to working with Hoyleton in Southern Illinois, DCFS will work with two private agencies in Cook County, UCAN and Lawrence Hall.  Each agency will implement Youth Villages’ nationally recognized program, YV LifeSet, to help youth transitioning to adulthood develop greater resilience and capabilities for success. The grant is for a three-year period.

    While many youth in foster care are capable and resilient as they enter adulthood, statistics show that without help, they are more likely than their peers to be homeless, unemployed or incarcerated. They are more likely to have significant mental and/or behavioral health issues than other young adults. Many will face challenges with relationships, family planning and achieving stability.

    The grant to the Illinois DCFS will help these young people make better plans and decisions for their future. The grant is the largest of four grants totaling $10 million being awarded to four of the nation’s child welfare agencies.

    Since 1895, Hoyleton Youth and Family Services has grown to be one of Southern Illinois’ leaders in a wide array of services including residential, foster and adoptive services, community education, counseling, and services for emerging adults.  Hoyleton is just one of 50 agencies nationally and the only Southern Illinois agency implementing Cornell University’s Residential Child Care Project (CARE), a new research-based best practices model.

  • Team Members & Volunteers Needed For New Foster Home Project

    We’ve partnered with Neighbors for Renewal, a nonprofit development corporation, to manage and develop up to four new foster homes in Bellville, Illinois.  As part of the project, volunteers and additional team members are needed.

    Volunteer Opportunities 

    The new homes will require skilled volunteers to help renovate or build. Tasks to be completed include:

    • Demolition
    • Roofing
    • Dry Wall
    • HVAC Install
    • Plumbing
    • Electrical
    • Painting
    • Flooring

    Download volunteer flyer for more details.

    Employment Opportunities 

    New team members to operate the homes are needed as well. For employment opportunities, click here or download this flyer for more details.