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Mobile Farmer's Market Helping the Hispanic Community

DATE: September 8, 2023
With the help of Beet Box volunteers, Puentes de Esperanza: Bridges of Hope is providing healthy options, social opportunity, and something the community can look forward to. Puentes uses the ecologically-oriented CARE principle by meeting our Hispanic community members where they are physically and situationally. Since the start of last summer, Puentes de Esperanza has […]

Puentes de Esperanza Continues to Make a Difference

DATE: August 29, 2022
Over the past few months, members of the Puentes team have been very busy in the community, assisting clients with language translation as well as providing food, PPE equipment, clothing and other basic needs. A special thank you to our grantors, Cardinal Care and Old Newsboy Day, who provided funding for the items we distributed. […]

Three Ways to Show Care for Immigrant Communities

DATE: October 4, 2021
Immigrants are a valued part of our communities, and it’s important we do what we can to show them we care and advocate for their inclusion. We’ve been doing this through our Puentes de Esperanza program for 17 years, which helps our Spanish-speaking neighbors find the resources they need to realize the wholeness of life […]

Immigrant Support Services Provided by Puentes de Esperanza

DATE: September 27, 2021
We are proud to offer a wide range of immigrant support services to our Spanish-speaking neighbors across southern Illinois. These services get immigrant and limited English-proficient families the help they need, from addressing immigrating to the U.S. to offering classes that teach them about important life skills to advocating for them through translation and interpretation […]

We Believe in the Power and Contributions of Immigrants

DATE: September 8, 2021
The importance of fostering diverse, caring communities. Since the creation of Puentes de Esperanza 17 years ago, Hoyleton has demonstrated a commitment to and belief in immigrants and refugees entering our communities. And now more than ever, as America gears up to accept a portion of the half a million refugees estimated to flee Afghanistan […]

Bridges of Hope • Puentes de Esperanza

DATE: December 10, 2020
Building a Bridge to Financial Help for Hispanic Families During COVID-19 This year has been difficult for families across southern Illinois and across the nation. With continued job loss and lower wages in highly affected industries like food and service, people are going through hardships to make ends meet. Luckily, they have some assistance through […]

Combating domestic violence in the Hispanic community

DATE: October 29, 2020
Each year, the United States brings awareness to domestic violence in October. In 2020, the report of abuse incidents has decreased dramatically due to the COVID-19 health crisis and lack of visually seeing others. Even as lockdown restrictions reduce, the cases of domestic violence do not simply end. It remains a critical time for many, […]

Hoyleton | Meet Puentes de Esperanza

DATE: September 3, 2020
Meet Puentes de Esperanza Thursday, Sept 3, 2020 Hoyleton Youth and Family Services has been serving the community since 1895 and this year we celebrate 125 years in community service. Since Hoyleton’s inception as an orphanage it has been our mission to enable all people, young and old alike, to realize the wholeness of life […]

Puentes de Esperanza | Making Life Beautiful Day

DATE: June 11, 2020
Make Life Beautiful Day draws attention to the people and organizations that partner with individuals to build stronger communities. In the wake of George Floyd’s death and the ensuing civil unrest, it will take individuals from all walks of life coming together to make our communities a safer, more inclusive place for all. Make Life […]

National Hispanic Heritage Month

DATE: September 19, 2019
September 15 – October 15 is National Hispanic Heritage Month. Here at Hoyleton Youth & Family Services, one of our points of pride is that we provide services to over 600 individuals plus their families each year in our Puentes de Esperanza program. So, in honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, we wanted to cover […]

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