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 Hoyleton takes part in Drug Take-Back Day on Oct. 24

Data pulled by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that alcohol and other drug use among youth in the U.S. remains a major public health problem. Substance use and abuse can increase the risk for injuries, violence, HIV infection and other diseases.

 Hoyleton Youth & Family Services continues to provide its Substance Use Prevention Services program to combat the rise of drug use among youth in southern Illinois. The work of the organization offers decision-making practice, anxiety coping skills, and social and communication skills to better improve self-image so youth can make healthy choices later in life. 

 “Our goal is to work with youth in 6th, 7th and 8th grades to provide an evidence-based program that helps them with decision-making, anxiety coping skills and overall self-image,” says Tasha Morrow, Substance Use Prevention Specialist. “Our hope is that by providing this education to them early, they have a few years to practice before entering high school, when the pressures on them increases.”

 Oct 24 - Drug Take-Back Day

 In addition to their ongoing programs and education, Hoyleton also takes part in the National Drug Take-Back Day, annually held in April and October. “The event is one more way for us to engage our communities and build awareness around substance use,” says Tasha. “It allows people to have a safe, convenient and responsible way to dispose of unused or expired prescription drugs.”

 Last October 2019, the national event brought in nearly 442 tons of medications and vape devices.

 Hoyleton has taken part in the national program for four years (both in April and October), helping communicate the logistics and importance of the event to local communities. “We had to put a hold on the April event this year due to COVID-19,” says Tasha. “But we have had time to prepare for the October 24 drive to ensure it is safe for everyone involved.”

 With adults and children both staying at home more, there is an increased risk of having access to prescription medications in the household. Hoyleton has teamed up with two local pharmacies, where local residents can safely and confidently take their unused medications for disposal. 

 “As an added incentive, we will be providing a small gift bag to the first 25 people that take part in the event,” says Tasha. “The bag will include a face mask, hand sanitizer and drug disposal bags to allow for people to safely dispose of other medications at home.”

On Oct. 24, the Hoyleton team will be at Smithton Pharmacy (Smithton, IL) and Doehrings Pharmacy (Nashville, IL) from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Liquids and needles are not allowed to be disposed of at the event. Those interested can visit the Drug Take-Back Day for more information.

Prevention starts at home

Substance use prevention is important to everyone in communities. Hoyleton works with parents, teachers, school administrators, community groups and leaders who serve youth - all to ensure they can make healthy choices in their lives. 

Studies show that parents’ behavior and habits have a direct influence on their children. With the pandemic bringing added stress to households, the need for conversation about substance use has never been greater. “We will always be there to help those who need it,” says Tasha. “But we also believe that prevention always starts at home.”

To learn more about how you can help Hoyleton Youth & Family Services provide emotional and mental health services for every stage of youth and family development, please visit: https://hoyleton.org/

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