Hoyleton's 2021 Employee of the Year, Spirit Award and Rookie of the Year

DATE: January 24, 2019

2021 was a great year for Tamara (Tami) Sadler, Margaret (Marggie) Samson, and Edda Berti.

Tami was named the 2021 Employee of the Year because she has shown outstanding performance in her position as Parent Educator. She is encouraging, supportive, and went above and beyond in taking on extra work as the only therapist on residential campus for a period of time. Congratulations Tami!

Marggie was give the 2021 Spirit Award because she embodies the company culture and lives & breathes its values on a daily basis. She enhances the work environment simply by being herself. Marggie, through her role as Clinical Supervisor, has been and will continue to be a joyful presence at Hoyleton who goes above and beyond for her clients. Congratulations Marggie!

The 2021 Rookie of the Year Award went to Edda Berti, who is the Bilingual Community Programs Supervisor for Puentes de Esperanza. Edda has had the most positive impact on the organization within her first year of employment. She is always there for her clients and employees. Her passion for helping others is driven by her passion to make a difference. Congratulations Edda!

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