Success Stories From Our LifeSet Program

DATE: August 29, 2022

In 2019, Youth Villages developed a pilot program, to help youth transition to adulthood, and Hoyleton was selected as one of three agencies across the state to participate in the program in partnership with DCFS. The goal of the pilot was to measure if this best practice approach produced better outcomes for young adults transitioning out of state care. LifeSet uses an intense hands-on, youth-driven approach to meet the needs of individuals in our care. In the LifeSet program, the youth define their area of focus and chart their course rather than it being planned out for them.

LifeSet is based in the community, so our clients can meet their LifeSet Specialist at times and places that are convenient for them. Ultimately, the LifeSet program aims to provide our youth moving into adulthood, with the best possible foundation by walking beside them to ensure they have the necessary tools to achieve success once they are out of foster care.

A review of our 3-year pilot program was recently conducted and the LifeSet program at Hoyleton was deemed very successful, performing as a top tier program in the country!

Here are what a few of our clients shared regarding the impact that Lifeset made in their lives:

  • "My biggest accomplishment includes learning a lot about myself and my personal life. I have always put others before me and I have allowed others to use me. Now, because of LifeSet, I am learning that it is important to practice self-care and put myself first."
  • “Through LifeSet I am learning how to parent my first child.”
  • “The LifeSet program helped me graduate from high school. I am the first person in my family to graduate from high school!”
  • Multiple clients indicated the feeling of being supported. One client said, “I feel like I am part of a family.”

Programs like this do not work without the continued support of our donors. Thank you for supporting LifeSet so that we may continue to support youth making the big step into adulthood.

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