Three Things We're Celebrating About our Puentes de Esperanza Program Right Now

DATE: February 11, 2019

In 2004, a new program called Puentes de Esperanza (translates to Bridges of Hope) was established at Hoyleton. The program was developed after the Illinois South Conference (United Church of Christ) and Hoyleton recognized the lack of bilingual services available for the growing Hispanic population in the region. The Puentes team at Hoyleton serves as a bridge for Spanish-speaking families to connect to needed resources.

The Puentes team organizes various workshops to educate families on personal well-being, community or cultural adjustments, navigation of complex social systems, and improvement of their professional skills.  In this work, the team provides advocacy at every encounter and strives to build a go-to community for clients, community partners (social service providers), and Spanish / non-Spanish speaking businesses.

The program has provided incredible value to people throughout the years. Here are three recent program outcomes we’re celebrating:

In 2018, the Puentes team served 617 individuals with over 1,577 hours of supportive services.

In 2018, the Puentes team helped individuals save $94,073 through financial assistance programs.

A Reading Success Program was recently developed to support individuals working on their English skills.

There are several new developments happening in the program this year, and we can’t wait to share more details soon.

For more information about Puentes de Esperanza or to find out how you or your business can provide resources and/or opportunities to the community, please contact Kristen Shinn, program director,

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