Preventative Services

Hoyleton’s Preventative Services Programs focus on creating a better future for children and families through education.

New Life Parenting Program
Focuses on working with youth who are in foster care to develop nurturing, effective, and safe parenting skills.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention
Provides prevention education to public schools, after-school programs and community centers.  We also educate youth who reside in seven different residential programs in Illinois

Substance Abuse Prevention
Provides evidenced based substance abuse prevention education in schools throughout Washington and Clinton counties

Southern Illinois Child Death Investigation Task Force
As the fiscal agent, Hoyleton works to recruit a coalition to assist on the investigation of an unusual or suspicious death of a child

Illinois Child Death Review Team
Exists to reduce the number of preventable child deaths in Illinois

Network Of Voice Against Trafficking And Exploitation (NOVATE)
Educates DCFS and POS staff to increase identification and referrals of victims of human trafficking

Preventative Services:

8 Executive Dr. / Ste. 200 / Fairview Heights, IL 62208
P: 618-688-4727 / F: 618-726-2277