Hoyleton Youth and Family Services

Young Women and Moms

Transitional living options for fostered young women in Belleville, Illinois.

The residential programs for young women provide educational support to help them live independently. Also, programs for expecting or new mothers are available in group and individual settings. Each program teaches important life skills such as socialization techniques, budgeting, and self-care approaches.

Young Women Programs

New Life Parenting Program

For young women in foster care, the New Life Parenting Program teaches nurturing, effective, and safe parenting skills for those expecting or newly parenting.


Expecting and Parenting Mother Program

The Expecting and Parenting Mother Program is a transitional living program for young women ages 17 to 21 years that are expecting a child or parenting. Young women are under the guardianship of DCFS while they live at the Hagar House in Bellville, Illinois. During their stay, participants learn parenting and important life skills to successfully live independently.


MyFirstPlace Program

MyFirstPlace is for youth ages 18 to 21 who are aging out of foster care. This unique program enables individuals to live independently and learn essential life skills while still under the supervision of our staff. Young women must have a high-school diploma or GED and a job to qualify for their first place. Once qualified, our team helps women meet the criteria to gain or regain custody of their child.

YVLIfeSet (™) Program

We’re the only agency in Southern Illinois to implement the expansion of transition-age foster youth services as part of a grant awarded to the State of Illinois from Youth Villages. Youth Villages is a national leader in children’s mental and behavioral health through evidence- and research-based programs, including YVLifeSet ™.
YVLifeSet ™ is designed to help youth transitioning to adulthood develop greater resilience and capabilities for success by educating young people to make better plans and decisions for their future.

Life at Hagar House - Bethany’s Story

Bethany’s greatest joy in life is being the mother of her two-year old son. She’s had a challenging life, entering foster care in her teenage years after a time of homelessness, but the smile on her son’s face helps her fight through her struggles. Hoyleton has given her direction and she’s excited about her family’s future .

For the past two years, over 90%

of young women in the New Life Parenting program indicated they have a positive outlook and feel a sense of purpose in their lives.

Meet Pandora, Program Director at Hagar House

Pandora was a single teenage mom, so she understands the challenges that young women living at the Hagar House face daily.. She spends hours working with each woman, and she helps them develop a plan to live independently. She celebrates young women’s successes as if they were her own children’s. She’s grateful for the family environment that’s been established through the years. 

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