Hoyleton Youth and Family Services

Young Men

Transitional living options for fostered young men located in Belleville, Illinois.

The residential programs for intellectually disabled young men transitioning from foster care focus on teaching important life skills such as socialization techniques, budgeting, and self-care approaches. Our programs for young men offer both group and independent living options. Participants move to independent living once specific objectives are achieved.

Young Men Programs

Transitional Living Program

The transitional living program is for young men ages 17 to 21 who are intellectually disabled. Up to eight young men reside at the Lehre House in Bellville, Illinois.


MyFirstPlace Program

MyFirstPlace is for youth age 18 to 21 who are aging out of foster care. This unique program enables individuals to live independently and learn essential life skills while still under the supervision of our staff. Young men must have a high-school diploma or GED and a job to qualify for their first place.

YVLIfeSet (™) Program

We’re the only agency in Southern Illinois to implement the expansion of transition-age foster youth services as part of a grant awarded to the State of Illinois from Youth Villages. Youth Villages is a national leader in children’s mental and behavioral health through evidence- and research-based programs, including YVLifeSet ™.
YVLifeSet ™ is designed to help youth transitioning to adulthood develop greater resilience and capabilities for success by educating young people to make better plans and decisions for their future.

Life at Lehre House - Tyson’s Story

For his entire life, Tyson struggled to find a place to be loved and thrive. From when he entered the foster care system at a young age, he felt alone and discouraged about the future. He faced severe pain from deep family trauma, but once he entered Hoyleton’s care, Tyson quickly developed confidence and realized he could have a productive future.


of the young adults feel safe in their living environments; 100% have a positive outlook and a greater sense of purpose.

Meet Brandon, Program Director at Lehre House

Brandon Rudolph has helped countless young men during his tenure at Hoyleton. His goal is to help them become productive citizens, and he spends hours each day working with youth to help them chart their life goals. The most special moments for Brandon are the ones when he receives calls from young after they’ve left their programs. To hear a success story is “music to his ears”.

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