Q&A: Discussion on Salesforce Reports Featuring Pandora Harris

Pandora Harris, Hagar House Program Manager, has a lot to manage throughout her day, and when she needs information to make crucial decisions about a client’s care, time is of the essence. With Hoyleton’s new Salesforce platform, she’s been using the quick reporting features to streamline her information gathering steps and improve her work.

Recently, Pandora was gracious to share the ways she’s using Salesforce Reports to effectively carry out her role. Read the interview below to learn more.

1) How do you use reports ongoing in your role?
I use reports to monitor case notes. This helps me see how we are doing with assisting the youth in reaching their goals.

2) How do reports help you make better decisions?
The reports show percentages of achievements, which helps me decide if we should modify a client’s goal or build in extra work to ensure a goal can be achieved.

3) How has Salesforce reporting improved your role?
Reports have definitely improved my role. They help me see the work and progress we are making with the youth and allow our team to understand areas that need strengthening with each youth.

4) What recommendations or tips do you have for others when generating reports?
Most importantly, be patient in your learning process, and praise your team for their input as you continue through the learning process.
When generating reports, look for achievements based on each individual client. Some clients may have a harder time reaching goals than others.

5) How would you like to expand your understanding and use of reports in your role?
I would like to learn to understand individual percentages while reading reports. I want to learn how to use Salesforce like a pro. I love this database!

6) In your opinion, how can the use of data help strengthen Hoyleton’s mission and impact?
Have you heard the saying “If it’s not documented, it did not happen?” That statement holds true. As we document our interactions and progressions with the youth. Reports allow team members to see the progression of youth goals and areas that need work. It also helps the team feel accomplished and motivated as they are assisting with these goals. As this process gets stronger and we continue to work cohesively together, it is enabling all to realize the wholeness of life.​ We are always working towards the vision.