Residential Services

Hoyleton’s Residential Services program includes three locations that provide safe, secure environments where young people can begin their journey toward independence.

Hoyleton Children’s Home is a direct descendant of the original location established in 1895. This residential treatment facility in Hoyleton, Il., provides a caring environment for children ages nine through 21 as they address developmental disabilities, severe emotional problems, or profound behavioral issues. Therapy is focused on helping children positively change their behavior, achieve educational goals, and learn to live productive lives in the community.

The Transitional Living Program in Belleville, Ill., provides group care in a community-based setting to eight developmentally disabled males who are 17-20 years old. The program provides these young men with skills that will help them increase their independence as they transition to adulthood.

The Schippel House provides services for youth who are diagnosed as intellectually and/or developmentally disabled and in need of 24-hour care in an interdisciplinary treatment program.  Residents will range in age from 9 to 21, generally have IQ’s of 50 or below, and display autism spectrum disorders, significant impairment in learning, social skills and other areas of daily functioning, and may also have medical complexities.  Residents receive constant supervision in behavior management and the development of life skills.  Goals are designed for each resident some of which include educational and motor skills for reading and writing.  Life skill goals such as proper communication and personal hygiene are also considered.

Hagar House (Pregnant And Parenting Teen Transitional Living Program) serves expecting and parenting adolescent mothers who are under the guardianship of the Department of Children and Family Services and are between the ages of 17 years and 20 years.  The program’s goal is to provide housing to young mothers allowing them to live with and nurture their children, while developing the knowledge and parenting skills to enable her to live independently.  The program focuses on assisting in parenting and child care knowledge, helping complete her education if possible, learning job skills and attain employment, gaining life skills such as money management and home care, developing positive interpersonal relationships and connect/reconnect with family supports.

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