Staff Story: Anthony, Youth Counselor

I always liked to serve and help others. I had a tough childhood and know the challenges young adults have in navigating the violence and poverty that many of them face each day. I always knew my career would take me to a role in which I could give back to other youths and families that needed help the most. That’s when I found Hoyleton.
It really gave me the opportunity to grow as a person while being able to give back to my community. Seeing myself in the children I work with really brings perspective as I build relationships with them and help improve their own life skills.

The job of Youth Counselor can be a challenging one, but the reward far outweighs it. For a person to excel in this role, they need to have empathy and patience, and they need to be able to listen to best understand the youths they work with. We have the chance to change their lives, and there is no better feeling than when you see a child or young adult learn to better cope with their challenges and grow because of the support you’ve given them.

There are many things that separate Hoyleton from so many other social service organizations. They listen to their employees and have a family-like culture, where we have a shared mission. They also have innovative programs and technology to further strengthen our services to our communities. All of their training, support and technology allows me to further grow in my role and provide more value to the people I serve.

I feel like we are one big family working to make our communities stronger and better.

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