Hoyleton Youth and Family Services

Staff Story: Tammy, Clinical Therapist

I was working at a community center assisting in crisis screening. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a new position, but knew there was probably more out there than what I was doing at the time. A few friends reached out about an organization called Hoyleton, and talked about how it was a great place to work and was growing in southern Illinois. I did some research and learned so much about their family-oriented culture and the opportunities there.

I’ve always enjoyed being a Clinical Therapist. It comes with its challenges, but you are able to make connections that you didn’t think possible with a diverse clientele that are in a tough place. Hoyleton really helped me grow in the role using their CARES model, which increases therapeutic programs. The internal training and education really prepares people to have a deeper understanding of the work we do and who we do it for.

Over my time being a therapist at Hoyleton, I’ve learned to listen to understand … not to respond. It’s not about judgment. It’s about patience and adapting to each individual’s needs. People are resilient by nature. Even through the struggles they have endured and the traumas they’ve gone through, they want to make changes for the better and be accepted by their communities. It’s tough to hear their stories sometimes, but we are here for them to help bring the equality we all seek.

The leadership team has been fantastic in providing us the tools and resources we need. It is such a family-oriented culture with people always there for each other. It’s that compassion for our clients as well as for our teammates that makes this more than just a job.