Three Benefits of Our Holistic Approach in Behavioral Care

In the U.S., the use of behavioral counseling services is on the rise. According to a recent study by BARNA research, 42% of Americans surveyed have visited a therapist and 36% are open to it. Younger people, including millennials and Gen Xers, are especially open to seeking mental health help.

Our counseling team has experienced the demand for quality mental health services in Illinois first-hand, and they’ve helped many youth and adults with emotional support, healing, and interventions during difficult times.  Their work and success with clients is largely possible because of our immersive, holistic approach.

Here’s more about our approach and the benefits it offers those in need:


Benefit One: Practical treatment plans

A holistic approach is successful only when therapists immerse themselves with a client’s environment. Whether at work, school, or home, our therapists often interact with a client’s family members and peers to fully understand their life’s dynamics. From the experience, therapists can identify key triggers and insights and provide practical solutions to address them in a treatment plan.

“If a child’s struggles are more in the home, we want to be in the home. If their struggles are more in school, then we want to be in school, or wherever we’re needed so that we can really observe what’s happening,” says Tina Kampwerth, Director of Clinical Services at Hoyleton Youth and Family Services.

“If a child has social anxiety; for example, they may have some difficulty with something as simple as going up to the register to order food at McDonald’s. We may be able to look at that and say, okay, maybe this care requires meeting once a week,  and as time goes on, it may be once every other week.”


Benefit Two: Deeper trust

Again, in order to really understand what clients are dealing with in life, therapists have to be a part of it. Because our approach focuses so much on their environment, we’re able to build deeper trust  This is especially important when working with more severe trauma cases.

Therapists also build trust by being available and accessible. Hoyleton offers a therapy area with safe, private rooms on the third floor of our Fairview Heights location to serve that purpose.


Benefit Three: Greater understanding of other services needed

The attentive level in our holistic approach doesn’t just stop with therapists. It can also extend to other services, ranging from case management to clinical services.  By using various therapeutic tools, like assessments that help guide a treatment plan, we can determine other support needed.

“A higher level of care usually involves multiple areas of need.  In this situation, we will spend more time with that individual. And, we may involve the additional support of a needed resource,” says Tina.


Please stay tuned for more insights on important mental health topics throughout the month for #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth!

For more information about our approach or to learn about receive counseling services, please contact Tina at or (618) 688 – 4727.

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