The mission of Hoyleton Youth and Family Services

Hoyleton Youth and Family Services seeks to enable all people, young and old alike, to realize the wholeness of life that God intends.  This will be accomplished with the compassion of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit reaching out to meet the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and social needs of those with whom we journey.

The mission of Puentes de Esperanza

To transform the lives of Latino children and families in southern Illinois through community based ministries directed at their physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

Who is Hoyleton?

Hoyleton is a faith-based, nonprofit organization that serves infants through adults who face life challenges.

What does Hoyleton do?

We serve families who find themselves in circumstances they can’t address without help including, but not limited to, providing residential, foster and adoptive services to help with developmental, emotional or behavioral issues.   We also have preventive programs that address teen pregnancy, substance abuse, child abuse, women’s health and advocacy.

Where does Hoyleton provide services?

We reach children, families, and individuals throughout Southern Illinois.

How is Hoyleton supported?

We rely on the generosity of individual volunteers, donors and foundations. Our work is also funded in part through government sources.  As a faith-based organization, we receive support from the United Church of Christ as well as other religious organizations.

Why does Hoyleton provide these services?

We are a faith-based organization fulfilling our mission to help others through caring for children,  families, and individuals.