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Introducing Our New Board Chair

DATE: November 10, 2023
We are happy to introduce Dr. Tron Young as our new Hoyleton Board Chair. Dr. Young has been a Hoyleton Board member since 2019 but is now stepping into the Chairperson role replacing Ann Ferguson-Stephens, who has completed her term. Dr. Young brings 19 years of experience and knowledge as a middle school teacher and […]

Claudia Lewis’s career at Hoyleton is celebrating its Sweet Sixteen

DATE: October 27, 2023
Schippel House Program Manager Claudia Lewis came to Hoyleton just over sixteen years ago and she is just as happy to be here today as the day she started back in 2007. However, many things are different for Claudia now compared to back then. Claudia learned about Hoyleton from a former Hoyleton employee who told […]

The Poshard Foundation Announced 29 Grant Awards to Southern Illinois Agencies Serving Abused and Neglected Children

DATE: May 22, 2023
Carterville, IL –Hoyleton Youth and Family Services was the recipient of a grant awarded by The Poshard Foundation during Child Abuse Prevention Month. Jo Poshard, Director of The Poshard Foundation for Abused Children, announced grants totaling $100,000 to 29 agencies in southern Illinois. Hoyleton Youth and Family Services plans to use the funds to implement […]

Storm clean up in Salem was a team effort

DATE: May 22, 2023
Clean up is underway after an EF-1 tornado touched down Friday, March 31 in Salem. One of the buildings damaged by the storm was Hoyleton’s Schippel House, a therapeutic residential home for intellectually and developmentally delayed children and youth. “The important thing is no one was injured, our staff and clients are safe,” said Claudia […]

Successful Partnership Leads to Bigger Impact in the Community

DATE: February 28, 2023
Katie Heaton, Assistant Director of the Mississippi Valley Library District, was presented with the Hoyleton Empowerment Champion Award at the 2022 Hoyleton Honors banquet held in February 2023. Katie connected with the Fairmont City community in 2000 while working at the Collinsville Library. She recognized a need for a library in Fairmont City but at...

Hoyleton Welcomes Julie Neuner as Chief Program Officer

DATE: August 29, 2022
Hoyleton Youth & Family Services, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization serving vulnerable youth and families in southern Illinois, has hired Julie Neuner as its Chief Program Officer. “We are so pleased to have Julie as part of our Hoyleton family, her passion and experience is what we need to propel us to the next level,”…

Success Stories From Our LifeSet Program

DATE: August 29, 2022
In 2019, Youth Villages developed a pilot program, to help youth transition to adulthood, and Hoyleton was selected as one of three agencies across the state to participate in the program in partnership with DCFS. The goal of the pilot was to measure if this best practice approach produced better outcomes for young adults...

Hoyleton Thanks You for Your Years of Service

DATE: August 29, 2022
Successful organizations with longevity employ dedicated staff members who also have longevity. Hoyleton Youth and Family Services was established in 1895, and, though we do not have anyone on staff who was working 127 years ago when it all began,we do have multiple members of our staff who have been part of Hoyleton for multiple decades.

Honoring Decades of Dedication

DATE: August 18, 2022
For some families, Hoyleton Youth & Family Services is a household name. The habit of volunteering and donating has been passed down through generations and become a family tradition.

CARE Certification

DATE: July 25, 2022
It’s Official! Hoyleton became a certified CARE agency in May of 2022. There are only 13 social services agencies in the world and only 10 in the United States, who have this certification.
blended foster adopt family

A Blended Family

DATE: May 17, 2022
We hear about blended family all the time, but Hoyleton foster and adoptive parents David and Amy Petrillo have a new extended definition. The two have been together for eight years and have 11 children – eight of which are biological.

Clothing Donation Locations

DATE: March 12, 2021
Extra clothes to rehome? If you find you have more clothes than you need, there are plenty of people who would be happy to carry on your fashionable tastes! Here are some local places
Shavonda Mitchom, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer

Welcome Shavonda Mitchom!

DATE: January 28, 2021
Hoyleton Youth and Family Services is pleased to announce that Shavonda Mitchom, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer will begin her role with us on Monday, January 25, 2021. Growing up in Southern Illinois, Shavonda was active in many community activities and enjoyed school. She utilized youth programs such as TRIO Upward Bound to ensure she […]

Hoyleton Launches New Technology Platform to Advance Care Delivery in Southern Illinois

DATE: September 8, 2020
In March of 2019, Hoyleton Youth and Family Services’ leadership gathered to discuss the organization’s priorities for the next fiscal year. A large focus of the meeting was to develop innovative ways the organization could better manage its significant growth across programs, especially in behavioral health and foster care services. It was viewed as a […]
COVID-19 Children's Activity Book

COVID-19 & Me Children's Activity Book

DATE: April 1, 2020
While we are all struggling with our current shelter-in-place order, and while we are working to stay healthy at home, we know it is difficult for children to explain how they are feeling. We hope this activity book will give you and your family a chance to discuss and address some of the many emotions […]

LifeSet: Hannah's Journey with Hoyleton

DATE: August 9, 2019
In 2019, Youth Villages developed a pilot program, to help youth transition to adulthood, and Hoyleton was selected as one of three agencies across the state to participate in the program in partnership with DCFS. The goal of the pilot was to measure if this best practice approach produced better outcomes for young adults transitioning […]

Chris Cox, President & CEO of Hoyleton selected as one of 36 members for Gov.-Elect Pritzker Healthy Children and Families Committee

DATE: August 8, 2019
Chicago, IL — Recently, Governor-elect JB Pritzker announced the formation and members of the Healthy Children and Families Committee of the transition team at Children’s Home and Aid, the first social service agency JB visited while considering his run for governor.  Chris Cox, President and CEO of Hoyleton Youth and Family Services was named to the Governor’s committee. The Healthy Children and Families Committee will be chaired by […]

Cómo Puentes de Esperanza celebró la Pascua: cinco momentos destacados del evento de Pascua de Fairmont City

DATE: April 18, 2019
Durante más de siete años, el programa Puentes de Esperanza de Hoyleton ha participado en los eventos anuales relacionados con la Pascua de Fairmont City, que incluyen un desfile vibrante y una emocionante búsqueda de huevos. Estamos orgullosos de ser parte de un día tan especial que trae tanta alegría a la comunidad cada año […]

Margie Lewis' Journey from Foster Parent to Mom

DATE: March 21, 2019
After being a foster parent for over 30 years, Margie Lewis has impacted the lives of numerous children who have been in and out of her home. “Every child that comes in my home, I treat them like they are my very own. I want them to feel loved,” said Margie. “They may be gone […]

Three Ways Social Workers Further Our Work's Impact

DATE: March 14, 2019
The work our social workers do isn’t easy, but it’s so important, and they do it day in and day out. We’re always grateful for their hard work and dedication to our youth, but during National Social Workers Month this March, we want to take the time to acknowledge them for all that they do. […]

Tres cosas que estamos celebrando sobre nuestro programa Puentes de Esperanza en este momento

DATE: February 11, 2019
En 2004, se estableció un nuevo programa llamado Puentes de Esperanza ((traducido a Puentes de la Esperanza) en Hoyleton. El programa se desarrolló después de la Conferencia Sur de Illinois (Iglesia Unida de Cristo) y Hoyleton reconoció la falta de servicios bilingües disponibles para la creciente población hispana en la región. El equipo de Puentes […]

Three Things We're Celebrating About our Puentes de Esperanza Program Right Now

DATE: February 11, 2019
In 2004, a new program called Puentes de Esperanza (translates to Bridges of Hope) was established at Hoyleton. The program was developed after the Illinois South Conference (United Church of Christ) and Hoyleton recognized the lack of bilingual services available for the growing Hispanic population in the region. The Puentes team at Hoyleton serves as […]

Hoyleton's 2021 Employee of the Year, Spirit Award and Rookie of the Year

DATE: January 24, 2019
2021 was a great year for Tamara (Tami) Sadler, Margaret (Marggie) Samson, and Edda Berti. Tami was named the 2021 Employee of the Year because she has shown outstanding performance in her position as Parent Educator. She is encouraging, supportive, and went above and beyond in taking on extra work as the only therapist on […]

Residential Services Receives Tier One Status from Department of Children and Family Services

DATE: January 1, 2019
If you visit the Hoyleton Campus in Hoyleton, Illinois on a weekday around 8:30am, it might look like the streets in most neighborhoods. Youth scurrying around, making their way to school just-in-time for the opening bell. The campus is where almost 40 boys and girls live 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each […]

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