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Permanency Services

Connecting children and youth to forever homes.

Our team strives to find permanency for children in foster care. Reunification with a biological caregiver is always the goal; however, if it’s determined that they can’t fulfill their parental duties, other placement opportunities are assessed.

Adoption Services

We help facilitate the adoption of foster children alongside State of Illinois child welfare agencies. Adoptions are carefully organized over time, and a case worker helps foster parents, biological parents, and adoptive parents understand their role through the process.

Other Common Permanency Options

Return Home

The reunification of foster children with their biological parent or caregiver is our top priority, and our foster case managers work to ensure a smooth transition home is provided.


Guardianship / Kinship

If a family member of a foster child is willing and able to care for the child, guardianship can be considered. Our foster case manager works with State of Illinois child welfare representatives to successfully transition the child into the family member or guardian’s care.

Donna’s Foster Parent Story

After being a foster parent for over 30 years, Donna has impacted the lives of numerous children who have been in and out of her home. “Every child that comes in my home, I treat them like they are my very own. I want them to feel loved,” said Donna.

In 2022,

there were 84 youth permanecies, 46 reunifications, and 37 adoptions/guardianships.

Foster children are waiting for their forever home.

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