Hoyleton Youth and Family Services

Schippel House

A therapeutic residential home for low-functioning children and youth in Salem, Illinois.

The Schippel House serves as a residential community for children and youth ages 7 to 21 who are low-functioning and on the autism spectrum. Youth attend local public schools while having access to skilled and compassionate care from our team members.

Tour the Schippel House

The Schippel House can accommodate up to 10 children or youth at a time. It feels like a traditional home, with private bedrooms and common areas for gathering and meal times. There are therapeutic features, like a sensory room, throughout the home to build strength and encourage increased functioning.

The house is ideal for family visits during holidays and summer events. It’s conveniently located in the St. Louis community, allowing for community activities such as visiting the local firehouse or attending exhibits at local museums.

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of the family members of residents at Schippel House rate it as safe for their child and feel all necessary services are provided for their child.

Meet Claudia Lewis - Schippel House Program Manager

Claudia has worked within the residential program for 15 years. Ten years at the Hoyleton Campus and 5 years at Schippel House.

Illinois State Board of Education Requirements

Our residential program provides nutritious meals for breakfast and lunch through the ISBE’s School Nutrition Program during the school year in addition to the summer.

For more information, please review the Wellness Policy and School Wellness Assessments.

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