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Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Helping young women make healthy and proud choices.

The teen pregnancy prevention program is an evidence-based program that teaches pregnancy prevention and health lifestyle choices youth and adults in the community and to youth living in DCFS therapeutic residential facilities in Central and Southern Illinois.

About the Curriculum

The teen pregnancy prevention program is a residential-based program that provides education about adolescent relationships, self-esteem, and safe sex methods in various residential facilities throughout Southern and Southwestern Illinois. The curriculum used for this program are:

  1. Making Proud Choices – Offers youth STI/pregnancy/health knowledge and skills to help youth reduce their risks. Meets effectiveness criteria pertaining to pregnancy, STI, and risk behaviors among youth as well as meets medical accuracy review requirements. Click here to learn more.
  2. Positive Prevention Plus – This curriculum covers not only Sex Health Education Topics such as STI’s and safe sex, but it also covers topics such as gender/sexuality and media/peer pressure regarding sexual behaviors. The material presented also meets medical accuracy review requirements. Click here to learn more.
  3. Love Notes – This curriculum focuses on providing youth with information and skills around healthy relationships, communication, and decision-making with the goal of reducing teen pregnancy/STI rates. Click here to learn more.

The curriculum for this program is delivered over an eight-week time frame.


This program is funded through the Illinois Department of Human Services and seeks to empower youth to make informed sexual decisions.

Youth and Parent Champions

Calling all Parents and Youth – would you like to empower young people to make healthy life choices and bring awareness to the power of healthy relationships? Join our efforts in St. Clair County as we advocate for Teen Pregnancy Prevention as a Youth or Parent Champion. Email our Prevention Supervisor at nmorrow@hoyleton.org for more information.


the teen pregnancy prevention guide to learn more.

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