Hoyleton Youth and Family Services

Hoyleton Campus

A therapeutic residential campus for children and youth in Hoyleton, Illinois.

At the Hoyleton Campus, every youth receives individual therapy, life skills training, access to ongoing education, and the opportunity to develop social skills with their peers through various settings including community projects, participant sports, and recreational activities.

Residential Care Transitioning Planning

Our residential treatment team’s main goal is to help children and youth transition to living with their family or traditional foster care setting.

Steps in developing a traditional transition plan include:

  • Create behavioral stabilization goals that can be managed in a family setting
  • Help them regulate their emotions and rely on adults for help
  • Improve coping skills
  • Help them discuss and work through their trauma with therapy assistance
  • Prepare the caregiver on ways to support the youth

Nearly 90%

of those living at the cottages say the services they receive are helping them make positive life changes; over 95% feel they have the ability to cope with everyday life.

Tour the Hoyleton Campus

The Hoyleton campus consists of five cottages for children and youth as well as a main building for K-12th grade classrooms, group activities, and administrative use. There’s a community garden on campus as well.

The school on campus provides a curriculum based on each child’s learning level, and the average classroom size is seven students.

Explore the campus by watching the video!

Meet Summer, Program Manager

Summer has worked on the Hoyleton Campus for over 15 years where she has the privilege of working alongside her three sisters and mom. She loves her work because she gets to be a positive role model and mentor in her cottage. When the youth she works with begin to open up, make social connections, and pursue interests, she is reenergized and ready to help more youth succeed.

History at Hoyleton

Hoyleton Youth and Family Services was founded over 125 years ago to help build stronger communities across Illinois by supporting the needs of youth and families.

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Illinois State Board of Education Requirements

Our residential program provides nutritious meals for breakfast and lunch through the ISBE’s School Nutrition Program during the school year in addition to the summer.

For more information, please review the Wellness Policy and School Wellness Assessments.

Support the Hoyleton Campus

There are many ways to support the work at Hoyleton. Donations help youth and children access extracurricular activities or receive gifts during the holidays. Volunteers can help by socializing with youth and children, beautifying the campus, providing homework tutoring, and more.

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