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Puentes de Esperanza Family Support

A resource community for Spanish-speaking neighbors.

Puentes de Esperanza (Bridges of Hope) is a trusted resource for Southern Illinois’ Spanish-speaking residents living in Madison, St. Clair, and Clinton County, Illinois. Our team provides services that address their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs during their journey in becoming a vibrant part of our shared communities.

Family Resources Available 

Our team partners with numerous agencies to connect families to community resources. Services are available in English and Spanish. Agencies and/or resources include: 

Workshops & Education

Workshops and education classes cover topics such as financial literacy, healthcare rights, and parenting.


Latino Special Services Program

The Latino Special Services Program is run in collaboration with DCFS to provide interpretation and translation services during child protective investigations.


Immigrant Family Resource Program

Puentes de Esperanza guides individuals through the immigration process along with other government-provided programs.  We provide referrals to services relating to medicine, immigration law, education, after-school programs, and disabilities as well as outreach programs and education.


Illinois Welcoming Center

As a satellite location of Hoyleton Youth and Family Services, the Illinois Welcoming Center serves as a one-stop community center that provides each of our services to immigrant populations.


Community Outreach

Our community outreach provides services to families such as advocacy, education, interpretation/translation, and other support.

Bilingual Therapy and Parenting Services

Puentes de Esperanza’s team helps individuals select the right options for their family and can connect them to our Counseling Care therapists who can provide any behavioral care support needed.

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Ruth & Fabio’s Journey

Ruth and Fabio are two individuals who have been impacted by Puentes de Esperanza. With the help of the program, Ruth and Fabio and their three children navigated the complex citizenship system by hiring lawyers and interpreters, filing taxes, studying English, and connecting to other resources. 

Our Counseling Care team was able to connect the family to counseling services and help with insurance information and provide Ruth and Fabio with the right resources to get married.

947 unique clients

were served by Puentes de Esperanza in 2022

Contact Puentes de Esperanza

Individuals interested in services can contact our team via email at Puentes@hoyleton.org, call (618) 398-0557 or complete the form below.

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