Counseling Care Month

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April is National Counseling Awareness Month and a time to bring attention to an area of health care that still carries with it a measure of stigma.  Some individuals are under the misconception that seeking therapy or counseling is a matter of human weakness. This belief could not be further from the truth. Therapists and counselors are here to provide mental health care by journeying with individuals through life’s ups and downs. Building a relationship of trust, in a nonjudgmental environment, to help individuals achieve mental health, mindfulness, and personal development is the goal of Hoyleton’s Counseling Care Department. 

As part of the St. Clair and Madison County communities, Hoyleton Youth and Family Services knows the importance of walking alongside people so they can attain wholeness and well-being. HYFS provides a number of counseling and therapy programs:

Family, Couples, and Individual Counseling
Uses various approaches to help individuals work through an issue. The benefit of combined family, couples, or individual counseling creates a cohesive plan whereby co-therapists help clients navigate personal issues, which can affect family dynamics.

Behavioral Health
Reaches out to youth who have suffered trauma and are “acting out” to deal with their overwhelming emotions. Therapist work with the youth to identify behaviors and understand how the youth’s behavior is impacting others. Behavioral Health issues addressed are ADHD, anxiety, depression, grief, PTSD, mood and adjustment disorder. 

Therapy using Play
Usually implemented for children five and under, who find it difficult to communicate how they are feeling. In certain situations, this can be an impactful option for older children as well. A therapist uses puppets, dolls, and toys to help children express their emotions. 

Therapy using Art
Utilizes different art mediums (clay, figurines, crayons, visual boards, and more) for children and adults to express themselves through art. 

Approaches to Mental Health

Cognitive: Helps individuals use a strategic approach to guide them in understanding how thoughts and feelings influence their behavior and life choices. 

Motivational: Utilizes open-ended questions to engage a client and ascertain the individual’s reason for a particular behavior that leads to personal accountability and change. 

Life can be challenging, but that does not mean individuals have to walk the journey alone. Hoyleton is here as a community partner, mental health advocate, and resource. Whether individuals are looking to make a change, deal with past trauma, looking for support, or seeking treatment for mental health, the Counseling Care Department is here ready to assist you. Together, we can help individuals build the future they imagine for themselves. For more information on programs and the referral process, call the Counseling Care Department at 618.688.4744. 

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