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Addressing a growing need for Mental Health services

In times like these, mental health is as important as ever. So many people see therapy and counseling as a matter of weakness, when in fact, it is a sign of strength and understanding. And many don’t know where to start or go to seek help. 

Hoyleton Youth and Family Services launched Forward Counseling Care to expand on its behavioral and mental health services to communities in southern Illinois for every stage of youth and family development.

“In today’s world of the unknown, it’s important for Hoyleton to be there for our communities,” says Tina Kampwerth, Director of Clinical Services. “We understand the growing need for mental health services and want to continue to be there when the going gets tough to support our neighbors.”

 A service built on compassion and understanding

Forward Counseling Care by Hoyleton is a truly immersive and compassionate mental and behavioral health counseling service with a unique approach and whole-health focus that has built trust and positive changes for adults, children and families in need of greater well-being.

“We emphasize being mindful and aware of all of the things that can impact a person’s mental health,” explains Federico Parola, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. “We are able to take that understanding to match each client with the therapist most appropriate for their unique situation.” 

An individual therapist is assigned to the client based on their needs, but also works with a team when needed to elevate the care and bring other specialists in along the way. Each Forward therapist has a master’s degree in counseling, psychology, social work or a related fields, with most specializing in trauma. Therapists meet with their clients wherever they feel most comfortable - whether that be in-person, online or at Hoyleton’s therapy facility. 

Expanded service to address all unique needs

Forward provides a holistic approach to all aspects of health and wellness. Its breadth of services allows the team to deliver care that meets clients’ needs - from one-on-one to family counseling - all to address a wide range of mental and behavioral health issues, including ADHD, adjustment disorder, anxiety, depression, grief/bereavement, PTSD and other relationship and social issues.

“We have also extended our services to organizations and businesses in the communities where we work and live,” says Brice Bloom-Ellis, Chief Program Officer. “Whether helping students in schools, businesses interested in providing wellness to their employees, or working with government and other nonprofit organizations across southern Illinois, we want to provide support to those who have a need and can benefit from our services and resources.”

“These are tough and unique times, and we can help individuals and families build the future they imagine for themselves,” says Tina. “We want to walk hand-in-hand with them to remove the stigma of mental health support and help strengthen our communities in the process. It’s time we all move forward together.”

To learn more about Forward Counseling Care by Hoyleton, talk to someone, or help young adults in our communities, please visit us at: or contact us directly at: (618) 688-7040.

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