A Night to Imagine

DATE: March 19, 2024

Imagine a world where every youth has the opportunity to thrive. At the 2024 Hoyleton Honors Night, we didn't just imagine – we took steps towards making it a reality. Themed 'Imagine', our event was an extraordinary celebration of progress, partnership, and potential. The unwavering support of our volunteers and donors is the cornerstone of our success, and with your help, it's filled with limitless possibilities for the youth we serve.


Community Connection

This year, we proudly recognized Ameren Illinois as our Community Connection at Hoyleton Honors Night. Their unwavering commitment to enriching the communities where their employees live and work perfectly aligns with our vision, making them an exemplary honoree. Ameren Illinois' involvement extends beyond mere assistance; it is a testament to the power of collaboration and the remarkable outcomes that arise when organizations unite for a common purpose.


Ameren Illinois has notably exceeded expectations in supporting our cause, demonstrating dedication not just in words, but through actionable support and volunteering efforts. A standout initiative involved their invaluable contribution in preparing one of our therapeutic foster homes for a new family. This endeavor not only ensured a welcoming and safe environment for those in our care but also underscored the tangible impact of community partnerships in supporting each other to bring about better outcomes.


Mission Companion

This year, we were thrilled to honor both St. John United Church of Christ - Maeystown, Illinois, and Zion United Church of Christ-St. Joe - Waterloo, Illinois, as our Mission Companions. These congregations have been pillars of support for our cause, exemplifying what it means to be mission-driven partners. Their dedication spans decades, with both youth and adult members actively engaging in volunteer work and providing crucial donations.


The involvement of these church families extends beyond mere financial support; they've been hands-on, helping to organize and run events for our youth. Activities such as preparing sack lunches for our youth's field trips and orchestrating Easter activities not only provide immediate benefits but also weave a fabric of community support and love that our children deeply need. Their sustained efforts highlight the profound effect of community involvement in furthering our mission, demonstrating the collective power of compassion and action to make a tangible difference that stay with our youth forever.


Hoyleton Enthusiast

Fire & Iron Station 168 Southwestern IL, our honored Hoyleton Enthusiast, demonstrates an inspiring commitment to community and service. This brotherhood, known for their passion and energy, has been a beacon of hope and support for our foster care program.


Jesse Dykes, the group's Sergeant at Arms, shares, "Knowing we can make a difference in someone's life motivates us.” Their contributions have made an impact even greater than they realized. In recent years, they've not only provided a plethora of toys and games, bringing smiles and joy to the children we serve, but they've also raised significant funds through a Poker Run event. Their donation of $5,000 to Hoyleton's General Operating Fund has been instrumental in advancing our mission.


With plans to continue their tradition of donating toys and increasing their support, Fire & Iron Station 168 embodies the spirit of enthusiasm and generosity that fuels our work and uplifts our community. Their ongoing commitment exemplifies the profound impact collective action can have on changing lives for the better.


Empowerment Champion

Kathleen Habermehl, chosen as this year's Empowerment Champion, has been a beacon of support and advocacy for Hoyleton since her journey began with us through St. Paul UCC in Columbia, IL. Her unwavering commitment as a volunteer, donor, and advocate shines brightly, fueling her belief in the boundless potential of our youth. Kathleen's optimistic outlook and active engagement provide essential resources and encouragement, ensuring our young people have the support needed to turn their dreams into realities. Her contributions give proof of the powerful impact of dedicated individuals on our mission to empower lives.

Client of the Year

Daniel Waters, celebrated as Client of the Year, embodies the spirit of resilience and compassion that we treasure here at Hoyleton. Since becoming a licensed foster parent in 2015, Daniel has opened his home and heart to numerous children, ensuring they feel part of a family regardless of how long they stay. His advocacy for family reunification has made significant positive impacts, prioritizing the well-being and familial connections of the children in his care.


Daniel's approach extends beyond the immediate needs of the children; he actively fosters relationships with their siblings and relatives, promoting a holistic approach to foster care that emphasizes love, stability, and connection. His dedication to creating a nurturing environment for these children, coupled with his commitment to keeping families connected, showcases the profound difference one individual can make in the lives of many. In his own words, Daniel professes, “Being a Dad is the best thing I’ve ever done!”


Imagine with Us

As we close the chapter on another successful Hoyleton Honors Night, we are filled with gratitude and excitement for what lies ahead. Our collective efforts this year have laid a strong foundation for the transformative work we envision in the lives of youth in foster care. The generosity of our community, the dedication of our volunteers, and the resilience of our clients have all been sources of inspiration. Looking forward, we are committed to expanding our reach, enhancing our programs, and fostering even more meaningful connections within our communities. The journey ahead is bright with potential, and together, we are poised to make an immeasurable impact on the lives of those we serve. Every step we take is a step towards a future where every child can imagine and achieve their brightest tomorrow. Let's continue to build this future together, one where hope and support will create endless possibilities.

By joining our community of supporters, you directly contribute to providing a brighter future for youth in care. Your involvement can take many forms, from donations to volunteering your time. Opportunities range from mentoring and participating in events to offering professional skills or resources. No contribution is too small to make a significant impact. Imagine how you can play a part in transforming lives today. Together, we can continue to imagine and create a world filled with opportunities for our youth.

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