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    Hoyleton Selected as Mental Healthcare Provider Under Medicaid Expansion

    Medicaid recently lifted a 20 year moratorium on adding new healthcare providers to its approved list.  Hoyleton is pleased to announce that it was one of the first to be given a new Medicaid Provider Number and will now be able to offer mental health services to the community at large.

    “I think it shows a great amount of respect for the quality of services Hoyleton provides.  This kind of approval typically goes to community mental health centers; we are one of the few and possibly only faith-based organization to be selected,” said Jill Lombardo, Chief Operating Officer.

    Hoyeton has been approved to provide services to Region 5, which includes 27 counties in Southwestern Illinois.  Jill says that Hoyleton will eventually be able to provide family, individual, and group mental health services to anyone who needs them.

    “This is a thinking-outside-the-box kind of initiative.  It’s not something we’ve ever done before but it will allow us to expand and offer even more services to those in need,” Jill said.

    Hoyleton plans to first provide additional services to those among their existing client base.  A committee made up of members of Hoyleton’s Board of Directors will help the organization assess the needs of the community and decide how to proceed accordingly.

    Illinois is one of 25 states to expand Medicaid coverage. Nationwide, this means that approximately 18 million people who need it are now eligible for mental healthcare coverage.


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The mission of Puentes de Esperanza is to transform the lives of Latino children and families in southern Illinois through community based ministries directed at their physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

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