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Make Life Beautiful Day draws attention to the people and organizations that partner with individuals to build stronger communities. In the wake of George Floyd’s death and the ensuing civil unrest, it will take individuals from all walks of life coming together to make our communities a safer, more inclusive place for all. Make Life Beautiful Day challenges each of us to be individuals of action to bring about change for the betterment of our communities. How individuals choose to spread seeds of beauty in their communities depends upon a person’s interest. A kind word to a person can be a soothing balm. The vibrancy of art, in its many forms, awakens and challenges our collective consciousness, or the use of one’s time, energy, and labor can be used to empower individuals within our communities. The power and capacity to beautify our world is limited only by our imaginations and our willingness to recognize that when we work together for the good of all, communities are healthier.

As an organization, Hoyleton continued working to make lives better by supporting youth and families during the pandemic. In both big and small ways Hoyleton is committed to ensuring individuals are seen, heard, and provided with the tools to care for themselves and their loved ones, especially in the midst of uncertainty. During the COVID-19 pandemic, resources were scarce. Basic goods such as toilet paper became a prized commodity. Finding the essentials usually involved being the first in line at stores to buy available supplies. Families and individuals with limited access to transportation, or who needed to rely upon others for their transportation, were often met with empty shelves when they were finally able to make it to the store. Hoyleton’s Puentes de Esperanza (Bridges of Hope) team monitored the situation in immigrant communities within St. Clair and Madison counties and took action to coordinate food distribution sites to help impacted families. By remaining in daily contact with families and community partners who share a similar mission, Hoyleton provided food for over 100 families with 400 plus individuals served. The Puentes de Esperanza team worked tirelessly to box supplies and make sure individuals had the required provisions, including cleaning supplies. Puentes de Esperanza team member Jovany Otero remarked, “The takeaway for me is how considerate people can be; there were families that would carpool together so that people without transportation would not be left out of different food distributions.” 

In the weeks and months ahead, we will continue to share stories of hope as individuals commit to making their communities a better place for all. We encourage you to share your stories about building up your friends and neighbors with us. Working together, we can create a highly positive impact on our communities. For more information regarding how you can volunteer to be a part of the Hoyleton family, please call our Volunteer Coordinator, Meghan Murphy, at 618.688.7092. 

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